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Pop Up Displays System

As a temporary mode of graphical presentations, pop up displays include a collapsible, magnetic locking frame on which the graphic is straightened up and subsequently fixed to a support post at the backside of the frame. Although they are available in various shapes, concave curve and straight are the most popular forms on the market.

You can come across pop up displays in a row-and-column arrangement. So, the required number of rows and columns can be added according to the size of your graphic. There are also add-ons on offer such as spot lights, hard case trolley and pop up display counter. Similar to pull up banners, pop up devices are also lightweight, portable, effortless to set up, reusable and economical. Using them in any road show or exhibition can result in an eye-catching graphical display.

pop up display types
Standard Specifications
- 3 rows x 3 columns Straight
- 3 rows x 4 columns Straight
- 3 rows x 3 columns Curved
- 3 rows x 4 columns Curved

Pop Up Displays Counter (Optional: Table Top)
Hard Case Trolley | Spot Lights
setup pop up display

Specifications of the pop up displays

  • (Height: 2.22m)
  • Magnetic Locking frame
  • Cannot expand/ add columns or rows
  • Optional: Hard Case Trolley
  • 1 year warranty on structure
pop up display
pop up display
pop up display
pop up display